Abu Dhabi

The most powerful emirate in the UAE is home to the capital city of Abu Dhabi. This territory also includes over 200 islands and over 500km of coastal property. Abu Dhabi is home of the federal government of the United Arab Emirates. Many of the worlds top energy estimates believe that the UAE is in the top 5 largest oil and gas nations in the world. The vast majority of the UAE's energy reservers are within the emirate of Abu Dhabi. In recent years the UAE has started to invest heavily in non-oil sectors including Abu Dhabi startups, high tech investing, and luxury tourism. The most recent addition to Abu Dhabi's tourism portfolio is the UFC's Fight Island which is in the emirate of Abu Dhabi at Yas Island.

With a population around 1.5 million people, Abu Dhabi weighs in as the 2nd most populated of the emirates with neighbor Dubai taking first place. While smaller in population, Abu Dhabi is vastly wealthier than Dubai and is the home of the ruling family of the emirates, Al Nahyan family which has controlled the region for over 200 years. In late 2020 the UAE signed the most significant peace deal in the history of the entire middle east with Israel. The UAE & Israel Abraham Accord Peace treaty will facilitate billions of dollars of investment in the UAE further strengthening its dominant position in the broader arabia region. 

Martial arts are extremely popular in Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general. Abu Dhabi started investing heavily in martial arts training for its youth 20 years ago and is now home of the world's largest and most sophisticated Brazilian jiu-jitsu program. There are over 1800 jiu-jitsu black belts in the UAE and over 100,000 emiratis train the art of jiu-jitsu as part of their school and national athletic curriculum. Additionally, Abu Dhabi is home to UFC Fight Island and many MMA and combat sports experts including Dana White feel that the UAE will become the new fight capital of the world. 


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