Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the world's largest and most successful Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) company. The Company is headquarted in Las Vegas, NV which has a rich history of being the fight capital of the world going back to the early days of large boxing promotions with huge pay days at the major casinos. Ultimate Fighting Championship's flagship promotion consists of 2 fighters in an 8 sided octagon ring fighting until one athlete wins via a striking knockout, a tapout by submission , or point based judges decision.

Ultimate Fighting Championship was started by advertising executive Art Davie who was a jiu-jitsu student of Rorion Gracie. The league was slow to grow and faced considerable legal pressure due to the extreme no rules nature of the sport. Las Vegas Boxing promoter convinced billionaire hotel executives and brothers Frank & Lorenzo Fertitta to acquire the project. Under whites vision along with millions of dollars of investment the project rapidly became an incredible popular sport. Dana White worked tirelessly to promote the sport with a reality TV series called "The Ultimate Fighter" and traveled the world to recruit and hire combat athletes. The sport became synonymous with the term "Tapout" which is both a martial arts term as well as an actual brand name of clothing and even Tapout magazine. 

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is now the world's most successful martial arts event with a valuation over $5B USD. It is owned by Endeavor Group Holdings, Silver Lake Partners, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Zuffa, LLC.

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